Nature connection


We are nature

And often we forget about it. We need this connection to natural elements to feel and understand who we are, where we come from, and what we are part of.

ReCONNECT offers experiences to deepen our relationship to nature through sensory, meditative and artistic activities.

Hundreds of studies have proven that spending time outdoor in nature helps us for many things such as:

– reduced stress

– better capacity to concentrate 

– improved short-term memory

– sharper thinking and creativity

– increased self-esteem

Natural surroundings also helps us to connect to each other with authenticity, and take a step back to thing about the role we want to be playing during our journey on planet earth.

Workshops for individuals or families

  • 3-hours workshops for adults and families to connect with nature

What if you could experience a beautiful moment in nature with your family, your loved one or simply by yourself, and truly feel how you are connected to all living things? Participants in this workshop experience a moment of calm and beauty where we discover our environment through creativity and play. It’s also a moment to share how we feel about what’s happening to our natural world.

  • All-day workshops for adults 

While hiking in nature, I gently guide participants through play, creativity and scientific explanations so that they can truly feel their interdependence with our surrounding environment. Guided by the approach of Joanna Macy, participants will explore their emotions facing our ecological crisis and how they can participate in its great transition.

Workshops for organizations

  • 2 to 4 hours team building activities for organizations

During this immersion in nature your team will connect with each other in a stress-free environment, and liberate their creativity, spontaneity and playfulness. Being outdoor in nature also brings out our authentic selves. It is an ideal context to rethink the way we want to interact with each other, and to redefine what we really want to achieve together. The workshop is co-created with your organization and can include :

– games to build trust and invite playfulness and spontaneity

– nature-based artistic activities to trigger co-creation

– a training session to communicate more clearly and effectively using Nonviolent Communication approach.

– a visioning activity to create a clear group vision with effective planning

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