Compassionate communication (Nonviolent Communication)

What is compassionate communication?

Compassionate communication, better known as Nonviolent communication, invites more consciousness of what is happening within ourselves and with others in order to have more choice. It allows to :
– be more connected at any time to our feelings and needs.
– be able to express them to someone else without judgments or criticisms.
– listen truly to someone else’s feelings and needs (instead of giving advices or bringing the conversation back to us).
– engage in difficult and challenging conversations as a way to strengthen our relationship.

« Nonviolent communication reminds us what we already instinctively know about how good it feels to authentically connect to another human being. » (The Center for Nonviolent Communication)

« Criticism, analysis, and insults are tragic expressions of unmet needs. »

Marshall Rosenberg

Next Workshops : February 2-3 2019 in Nanaimo



Workshops for individuals or couples

  • 2 hours discovery workshop

This workshop is a small introduction to the potential of compassionate communication to transform all our relationships. Participants will discover:

– how to listen to someone we really care for.

– how to be aware of what is happening inside of us in order to have more choice.

– what is blocking the communication and how to express ourselves to create connection.

  • Two days introduction workshop

This two-day workshop offers an opportunity to discover compassionate communication in a non judgmental environment. Through this workshop, I invite participants to explore how to live more trust and authenticity in their relationships with themselves and others. Through practical exercises, they will learn how to trigger more understanding and collaboration in their life, using the three powers we have in any conversation:

1. The power to listen be present for myself in a compassionate way in order to connect with my inner resources.

2. The power to express myself with authenticity and responsibility in order to generate trust and collaboration.

3 The power to listen to others in order to hear what really matters to them and create a deep connection.

This 12 hours workshop can take the form of :
– A series of 6 workshops once a week, 2h / class OR
– Two full days from 9 – 5pm

cercle vu du ciel

Workshops for organizations

The success of any organization depends highly on the team’s ability to communicate clearly and constructively. Nonviolent communication can help your organization achieve its goals by improving human relationships. Workshops are designed in collaboration with the client in order to :

  • help team members to be more clear and efficient in their communications.
  • learn to address successfully challenging conversations and situations.
  • resolve conflicts by listening to the needs of everyone.
  • improve meetings by transforming never ending conversation in meaningful interactions.
  • co-create solutions that are precise and efficient.


Arts and climate change conference, 2017

Workshops for schools

Myriam is working with school systems involving children, teachers and parents, to create more compassionate environments for learning and growth. The intention is to support teachers, administration and parents by giving them a reference point to talk about relationships and emotions and give the whole school community a common experience.

image (3)

Myriam offers to schools the following program:

  • 4 sessions of 1 hour for four weeks for each classroom (could be grouped in a whole day of facilitation, seeing up to 4 classrooms)
  • A full day of training for teachers
  • An evening (3h) of training for parents

Myriam has led a successful project with Gabriola Elementary school using a similar structure. It is possible to design a format adapted to a specific school context.

The teachers workshop has the following objectives:

– improve their capacity to navigate strong emotions by understanding themselves better
– provide the students with a safe emotional environment to maximize learning
– develop better empathetic listening skills towards students
– foster collaboration and trust amongst children
– deal with conflict effectively in the classroom

The parents workshop has the following objective:

  • Get to hear other parents’ experiences and get to share their own
  • Discover how to better listen to their children to strengthen your connection
  • Learn new tools to transform conflict into cooperation
  • Connect with the power of stepping out of the binaries of praise/criticism and right/wrong
  • Learn how to have meaningful dialogue with the children’s teachers

With children, Myriam is working with creative and playful facilitation techniques such as Mr and Mrs Potatoes. Children are learning to:

  • understand and respect each other, even when someone is doing something they don’t like
  • understand the harm of blame, labelling, and judgment
  • discover different ways to express their feelings and needs
  • find ways to make requests of each other instead of ignoring or excluding

image (2)

« Our goal is to create a quality of empathic connection that allows everyone’s needs to be met. » 

Marshall Rosenberg


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