About me

« My passion is to create meaningful experiences to learn and share about ourselves, about others and about our relationship to nature. »


My work is based on three approaches : compassionate communication (better known as Nonviolent communication), nature reconnection and multi-disciplinary improvisation.  I combine those approaches to offer:

  • workshops for individuals, couples and organizations
  • workshops and team building activities for organizations
  • interactive performances
  • interactive conferences

My background is diverse and I like defining myself as a compassionate communication trainer, an environmental educator and an improviser.

I have trained in Non violent communication, an approach to be more authentic and empathetic in our communications with ourselves and with others. I am now close to certification and collaborating with the Farthest Shore on Gabriola Island.

I have also studied in Science Communication in France and Environmental Education at Université du Québec à Montreal. In Montreal, I have worked for six years in this field for CREO and TV5 Québec Canada.

I am also digging into the Work that reconnects, whose purpose is to create safe spaces to bring people together and share feelings about the state of the world, provide new perspectives and empower them to be part of the great turning that our society needs.

IMG_3447As an artist, I trained in many different improvisation techniques such as action theatre, physical theatre, contact improvisation, vocal improvisation and clowning. I created my own improvisation group (Lindex) that developed a unique vocabulary using the body, the words and music to create meaningful improvisations. I also gave vocal and body improvisation workshops (Émouvoix).

On Vancouver Island, my new home I am collaborating with local partners through inspiring projects. If your organization or your community is interested in this opportunity, please contact me at: myriam.verzat@gmail.com



This video can give you an idea of one aspect of my work in environmental education:





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