About me

IMG_3447« My passion is to create meaningful experiences to reconnect with ourselves, with others and with our natural environment. »

I am a Compassionate communication trainer, facilitator and coach based in Nanaimo, British Colombia. I also trained as an environmental educator and dance and theatre artist.

I combine nature connection and artistic approaches to offer:

  • Compassionate Communication training for individuals, couples, organizations and schools
  • private empathy sessions and coaching
  • interactive conferences and shows 

What is compassionate communication?

Compassionate communication is a path to honest expression and deep understanding of each other in order to improve the quality of our relationships.

It allows to :

  • connect to what we really want and make sure we will stand up for ourselves
  • develop the capacity to listen fully to others and create quality connections with family, friends and coworkers
  • engage in difficult and challenging conversations with more ease and confidence
  • go faster to win-win solutions that works for everyone!

Compassionate Communication is better known as Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and has been developed by Marshall Rosenberg. It is now used and shared widely around the world.

« “What I want in my life is compassion, a flow between myself and others based on a mutual giving from the heart.” 

Marshall Rosenberg

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My journey

From science communication….

My experience in communication starts in 2009. I did a bachelor in Life Science in a Swiss engineer school (EPFL) with a specialization in neuroscience, and then studied Science Communication in France and Environmental Education at Université du Québec à Montreal. In Montreal, I have worked for six years in this field for companies such as CREO and TV5 Québec Canada and have build several environmental education projects with local organizations.

My passion for understanding the world around us and connecting people to nature is still alive. I nourish it by  working part time as a forest school educator at Nanaimo Forest kids. This video can give you an idea of one aspect of my work as an arts-based environmental educator:

To creative and artistic facilitation

There is also an artist in me. An who slowly but surely took more and more space in my life.

8O6A1112I can’t remember when I started dancing. Probably in the womb. And I never stopped. When I arrived in Montreal, I became fascinated by the variety of different improvisation techniques involving the body and started trying as many as possible: dance improvisation, improv theatre, physical theatre, action theatre, contact improvisation, vocal improvisation, playback theatre, mime, clowning, dancing in nature…

In 2011, I created my own improvisation group (Lindex) that developed a unique vocabulary using the body, the words and music to create meaningful improvisations. I also gave vocal and body improvisation workshops with my husband Dan Parker (Émouvoix).

In 2014, I directed and performed the show ReCONNECT along with 6 other artists. This interactive dance and theatre show was depicting the range of hidden emotions we experience in the face of the ecological crisis. It was based on the Work that reconnects developed by Joana Macy. The purpose of her work is to create safe spaces to bring people together and share feelings about the state of the world, provide new perspectives and empower them to be part of the great turning that our society needs.


To Compassionate Communication…

After years in the field of science communication and artistic projects, I discovered how critical interpersonal communication and quality of connection was for any kind of human project to thrive, from building a family to leading big organizational work. I wanted to make a real difference and support individuals and groups to accomplish their dreams and build a more compassionate and sustainable society.

After self training and practicing NVC for years with my family, friends and coworkers, I decided to train formally in Montreal with the NVC training center Spiralis and later on Gabriola Island with the Farthest Shore. I am now close to certification with the CNVC and more convinced than ever that sharing NVC is exactly what I need to do to offer to the world the best of my gifts and passion.

And here I am now, living my dream of combining those three passions of mine, nature connection, art and communication, to offer quality NVC workshops that engage the whole self in the learning process.




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